SEN Camp Series – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions and answers to give you a better understanding about the SEN Camp Series and the SEN Youth Camp Series powered by Perfect Performance.

Who can attend the SEN Camp Series A: The SEN Camp Series is a new series of regional camps for elite athletes. The event is geared toward current juniors but sophomores and freshmen are eligible. Top performers could qualify for a spot in the Five Star Showdown and top youth could qualify for a spot in the Youth Showdown Elite powered by Perfect Performance, both are annual events and considered one of the elite events in the football recruiting world.


Four-star defensive back Deon Jones was dominant in 2015’s Five-Star Showdown.

What is the cost to attend the SEN Camp Series
A: The SEN Camp Series is only $85 to all participants. However, prospects will have to provide their own transportation to and from the camp.

How can a player get invited to register for the SEN Camp Series? A: Coaches who would like to nominate a player can send information as well as a video link to or Any player interested in nominating himself must have a video link attached. Our Scouters will evaluate the footage and send out invites based on skill level.

What happens at the camp? A: Athletes will arrive at the SEN Camp Series and check-in. They will have their photo taken and do media interviews before heading to the field to stretch. The athletes will be put through a dynamic warmup. They will then be put through as small series of testing following position specific drills with highly qualified coaches. The drills are modeled after college pro days and NFL Combine drills. The players will then get into the competitive one-on-one drills.

What are the player benefits for attending a camp? A: Players participating in the SEN Camp Series will be given the chance to earn national exposure from by competing against the best. Video of the camp will be taken and sent out to D1 & D1-AA college coaches across the nation.

What should players bring to the camp? A: Players participating in the SEN Camp Series will need to bring a pair of cleats, a mouth guard, and black shorts. Water will be provided by SEN; players are encouraged to eat a healthy breakfast the morning of the camp.

Who are the coaches at the camp? A: Leonard Stephens, the former NFL tight end, will supervise and select coaches for the camps. Leonard began his NFL career with the San Diego Chargers. He went on to play with the Washington Redskins, the Detroit Lions, the Seattle Seahawks and the Tennessee Titans. Over his six year NFL career Leonard has played with current and future Hall of Famers and perennial Pro-Bowlers, as well as being coached by future Hall of Famers. Some of those individuals include Darryl Green, Marcus Pollard, Ben Coates, Joe Gibbs, Joe Bugel, and Mike Holmgren.

If a player is already being recruited, should he still attend the camp? A: Absolutely. The SEN Camp Series is a tremendous way to attract attention of schools from around the country who will be reading articles and watching video on The camp also is a great way to increase value as a national recruit and give yourself the opportunity to enter college as a higher ranked player. Why does this matter? There is no question that the higher rated you are going into a college program the faster start you have at your college career.


Four-star DE Joshua Paschal turns heads at 2015’s Five Star Showdown

What level of competition should a player expect at the camp?
A: Players at the SEN Camp Series should expect to go against the very best in their region. SEN does an amazing job of attracting the elite of the elite players throughout the region to display their skills on our stage.

Would a poor performance at a camp hurt my ability to be recruited? A: A poor performance at the SEN Camp Series will not hurt your ability to be recruited as our analyst only focus on the top performers at the camp. However, there is not guarantee when it comes to rankings. If a players rankings go up it could lower the rankings of other players.

Will attending a camp potentially help my ability to be recruited? A: Performing well at the SEN Camp Series can certainly help your ability to be recruited. Colleges pay attention to our write-ups and video from the events and we have seen players gain more college interest by attending camps like ours.
Does attending a camp potentially help get me an invite to the Five Star Showdown or Youth Showdown EliteA: Yes, as mentioned above top performers at The Showdown or Youth Showdown can qualify for a spot in the elite camp. The Five Star Showdown is for about 80 of the top juniors and 20 of the top sophomores (or even freshmen) in the country while the Youth Showdown Elite is for about 160 of the best 8th graders (or even 7th and 6th) in the county. These numbers can fluctuate and our regional camps are one of the best ways to prove that you belong at one of the two national events.



Who can I contact for more information? A: Please email questions to