5 Best Impressions: WCAC & Anne Arundel Region High School Players

 5 Best Impressions: High School Players By: Michael A Chase Jr. 11/9/2018         From the many High School Teams I had the pleasure to observe and cover this year there were a handful of players who impressed me. I was able to cover both the Anne Arundel Region and WCAC games. I had a chance […]

 5 Best Impressions: High School Players

By: Michael A Chase Jr.


        From the many High School Teams I had the pleasure to observe and cover this year there were a handful of players who impressed me. I was able to cover both the Anne Arundel Region and WCAC games. I had a chance to see a plethora of talent this year. Though I narrowed it down to five players specifically who caught my eye over the course of the regular season. These players range from different classes, as well as, positions, and all stood out for different reasons. Thus for these players from what I was able to observe all have a tremendous future ahead. These players if they continue to grow will make an impact further at the High School level and go on to have a strong overall Football career.

  1. Arundel High School: Junior Quarterback Austin Slye
  • Arundel’s Austin Slye has been one of the most impressive High School Quarterback’s I have had the pleasure to see live multiple times. I have seen him lead comebacks of 22 and 34 versus Meade and Annapolis. I have observed him go toe to toe with an explosive Broadneck offense. As well as pull out a gutsy win at Old Mill High School. Through watching all of these games and following him all year he has left a tremendous impression. He has showed the qualities of a good leader and resilient quarterback in times of adversity. As he has started several games with multiple turnovers, but has recovered each time to lead his team back from an early deficit. Whether it was turning it over twice early versus Annapolis. Or throwing two bad interceptions versus Broadneck. Slye has shown the ability to move on from these mistakes and rise to the challenge each game. His abilities as a dual threat quarterback make him tough to defend and have aided his tremendous junior season. He has displayed great elusiveness in and outside the pocket. As a runner he is able to make big plays, as a passer he from what I have seen excels throwing both short and intermediate routes. The quick timing routes are the best routes he throws and he consistently hits both in-breaking and out-breaking on time. He does need to improve upon his deep ball, but that will come with time and physical maturity. Overall he works Arundel’s offense well and keeps them accountable. Overall as he winds down his junior season his stock will only rise once more schools and scouts discover the hidden talent of this still young quarterback.
  1. Annapolis High School: Junior Cornerback Jaden Boykin
  • When I got my chance to see Jaden Boykin live versus Arundel High School it took me one game for me to see the potential he possesses. Against Arundel he had 3 passes defended, an interception, and a punt return. He made big plays all over the field even in a losing effort. Utilizing his quickness and savvy to counteract his lack of size and be a playmaker in so many ways. The speed and elusiveness he showed on his punt return were eyebrow raising, also his anticipation and quick reaction he possesses on passes thrown his ways standsout as a defender. The versatility he displayed as not only a solid corner but punt returner is valuable. This will then help him become more attractive as a prospect if he continues to show the ability to do multiple things at a high level. As a defender he accumulated two interceptions, a forced fumble, and defensive touchdown. Add that to having both a punt and kick return touchdown this year.  This means it will be beneficial for him to continue to return kicks as well as play defensive back. Overall his speed and quickness will be his biggest asset as he goes forward. Though his continuing to grow ball skills will continue to help him become more of a ball hawk as a defensive back.
  1. Our Lady of Good Counsel: Senior Outside Linebacker Jalen Green

  • In the one game I was able to view Good Counsel this young man jumped out at me. He has great athleticism and good pursuit to chase down plays from the back side. In the game I saw him versus Dematha he made several plays in the backfield including 2 sacks. He has a lot of potential and outside linebacker. He has good first step quickness and runs down plays very effectively. He still has some work to do in coverage but has the athleticism to batt passes at the line of scrimmage and disrupt screens when he reads the play well. He certainly will grow more into his body and as an overall player as he gets more reps. He is good around the line of scrimmage and still a work in progress in space. But he has the chance to grow into a good pass rusher which certainly will never not be needed. Jalen Greene will only further develop as he continues to learn his body and skillset as it’s served in coverage. Now he just needs to further learn the position and he will be able to play it at a high level. With Green officially committed to James Madison his College career is well on its way.
  1. Broadneck High School: Junior Running Back/ Receiver Andre Woods Jr.

  • For Andre Woods Jr. the attribute that showed the best in his game was his speed. His unbelievable speed and quickness in space was incredible to watch against Arundel.  The way Broadneck has utilized him as both a running back and receiver has allowed him to display his full potential as a big play creator. With scoring plays of 88, 22, 70, 54, and 80 yards Woods Jr. is a chunk play machine for Broadneck. Obviously his speed helps on a lot of these plays but his quickness out of breaks and elusiveness in space is also something to see. He has been a great complement to Broadneck’s big time receiver Ethon Williams as a one-two punch. Overall Woods Jr. with his ability to play and produce from all different formations and positions. His versatility will certainly make him more and more useful as an offensive player going forward. Plus with the way football has evolved more and more into a spread and speed game Woods Jr. will flourish. His tremendous physical talent along with his developing technical skills will have him as an interesting prospect going forward.
  1. Old Mill High School: Senior Running Back Ryheam Tull

–  No running back I had a chance to see in person impressed me more than Ryheam Tull for a plethora of reasons. Tull has been the feature back for Old Mill’s offense all year. This year being his senior year he has certainly showed well for himself. The skillset he has shown as an all-purpose running back will only aid him further if he decides to continue to play in college.  He has great balance and strength despite his diminutive size as a running back. His elusiveness along with those skills make him great at avoiding tackles in crowded areas,  along with his breakaway speed you have a player who can turn short runs and passes into big plays. He also has good hands to catch the ball out of the backfield. While running great routes and being a reliable check down option for his quarterback.

In terms of big plays he has runs up to 41 yards.  Along with receptions up to 23 yards showing his ability to help create chunk plays. His great balance and strength combined with speed also help make him dangerous in the return game. He has displayed a 70 yard kickoff return that resulted in a touchdown this year. He is a very useful player because you can use him in all kinds of scenarios on the football field. Overall as Tull moves onto the next level of play, he should certainly be an interesting player to look at for scouts. Because with football again being a speed focused and spread oriented game he could thrive with his skillset in many offenses.