5 Standout Players: Anne Arundel County and WCAC

So far, this 2019-2020 High School football season has seen many players have strong beginnings to their seasons. With standout players at every position making big names for themselves by putting up huge numbers. Which is why it is only right to acknowledge a few of these standout players who have thrived on the Anne […]

So far, this 2019-2020 High School football season has seen many players have strong beginnings to their seasons. With standout players at every position making big names for themselves by putting up huge numbers. Which is why it is only right to acknowledge a few of these standout players who have thrived on the Anne Arundel County and WCAC High School football scene. This piece will look to highlight a handful of the top performers from these two conferences thus far. While elaborating on their skillsets that they bring to the field as players overall.

The first player to mention is South River Junior Running Back/ Safety Delvin Johnson Jr. This young man has been a big reason that South River is currently 5-0 and atop the league standings this year. Johnson has been a catalyst for South River’s offense, while being a major playmaker on there defense. As a running back he has accumulated 7 rushing touchdowns and 1 receiving touchdown on the season. Including a recent 3 touchdown game versus rival Arundel High School. Johnson has also recorded 3 interceptions as a safety. Johnson shows off a mix of excellent explosion through holes, along with great breakaway speed. He has good ball skills which aid him as a pass catcher out of the backfield and playmaker on the back end of the defense. If South River wants to continue their successful season, they must feed Delvin Johnson the football. He is spearheading one of the best running games in the county and should remain a focal point of the offense. By seasons end he may likely be on scouts’ radars if he continues his strong season as the full-time starter.

The next player to discuss is Old Mill Defensive End Jake Marcus. Marcus has been a huge leader on possibly the best defense in the county. A large contributor to the side of the ball that has been the biggest reason for Old Mill’s 4-1 record. Marcus as Old Mill’s best defensive linemen has been a major disruptive force on the line, posting the second most tackles for loss on the team. His long arms and range off the edge make him good at holding outside contain on run plays as well. As a pass rusher he shows great signs of development, gathering sacks more often this year. Having one of his biggest games of the season in their last game versus Severna Park. Marcus must continue to be a leader on the defensive side of the ball. If he works to add another consistent move to his pass rush package, he will continue to menace opposing offenses. IF he keeps it up Old Mill will keep points off the board and make life more manageable for an offense that is still trying to find its way.

For Good Counsel they sit at 5-1 on the season, second only to undefeated Gonzaga. A big reason for their strong season thus far has been their defense. One of the biggest standouts on their defense is Senior Cornerback Jason Scott. This approximately 6’0” 178 lbs. defensive back is a strong presence on the perimeter of Good Counsel’s defense. He is one of their top three tacklers in their secondary. He is a sound tackler that effectively wraps up and finishes them with physicality. Providing a last line of defense for Good Counsel on their back end. He has played solid coverage, not allowing a completion against him in the last 2 games. Playing very physical in press man coverage, knocking receivers off their routes very well. He is still looking for his first interception, but this is not a huge deal since most opponents do not throw his way a ton. He also does a great job anticipating routes and cutting off pass catchers on in-breaking routes. Scott currently has 16 offers but is committed to Boston College showing he has a future on the next level. He will continue to grow his game and as he finishes up his senior season. Good Counsel will look for Scott to continue to anchor their secondary and lead a defense that is one of the toughest to score on in the WCAC.

Bishop McNamara owns a 5-1 record so far this season, sitting tied for 2nd in the WCAC standings. Their offense is a big reason for their strong results as they have scored 213 points total in their first 6 games. Averaging 35.5 points per game which is one of the best in the region. One of the key contributors for this McNamara offensive attack is Senior Wide Receiver/Running Back Kenneth Womack. Womack has been a playmaker all season thus far creating chunk gains at both positions, making him an asset that must get the ball. This around 5’11” 178 lbs. offensive weapon does not have any noted college offers, but if he continues to produce as he has scouts should be at his doorstep soon. On the season Womack has accumulated 140 rushing yards and 3 rushing touchdowns. To go along with 22 receptions, 484 receiving yards, and 5 touchdowns. He has brought his explosiveness as both a receiver and running back for McNamara. He has quickness, strength, and tremendous balance that make a threat with the ball in his hands. Womack with averaging 15.6 yards a rush and 22.0 yards a reception is a chunk play machine that is invaluable to McNamara’s offensive attack. His strong year should continue which will keep McNamara a force in the WCAC.

The final player to highlight is Annapolis Junior Quarterback Deshawn Austin. Austin has accumulated 4 rushing touchdowns and 3 passing touchdowns on the season. While numbers do not jump out at you, he has been borderline unstoppable as a runner at times for the Annapolis offense. His elusiveness, great quickness, and speed allow him to be a dynamic playmaker at quarterback. His development is big for Annapolis after the injury he suffered mid-season last year which stunted his growth. He still has work to do, but the talent is their and on display. He has shown the ability to make throws on the moves which for a quarterback with his mobility makes him a dual threat to pass and run outside of the pocket. He is continuing to learn how to stay with plays longer and no just bail and run constantly. Even with Annapolis record at 2-3 on the season Austin supplies hope that their may be a run left in Annapolis if he further matures at the position. What makes him an intriguing prospect is the fact he is still so young at the position yet showing the signs of maturing as a quarterback. He may not be polished yet, but as he plays on this year the rest of Anne Arundel County will find out he is going to be tough to contain down the road.

Overall theses are just a few of the many players in these respective conferences that have played well thus far. For Anne Arundel County it shows talent abounds in the region, talent that many will be unable to overlook much longer. While in the WCAC these players further display the wealth of talent that is produced on a regular basis. Both regions have many of players worth recognizing for their efforts and depict what great players scout need to lookout for.