Class of 2021 Defensive Quartet: 4 More Talented Defensive Recruits

The Class of 2021 is full of defensive prospects as elaborated on in previous pieces. That is why it is only right to further analyze other defensive prospects apart of this talented class. As this piece will highlight 4 more gifted Defensive prospects in the 2021 Class. Depicting strong and point of improvement in their […]

The Class of 2021 is full of defensive prospects as elaborated on in previous pieces. That is why it is only right to further analyze other defensive prospects apart of this talented class. As this piece will highlight 4 more gifted Defensive prospects in the 2021 Class. Depicting strong and point of improvement in their games, along with goals they have set.

The first player to analyze is Defensive End Monkell Goodwine of National Christian Academy. This 6’4” 264 lbs. edge rusher is a disruptive force that is set to have a huge senior season. It was a great opportunity to contact Goodwine recently and inquire about various topics. I first posed to the 4-star recruit as ranked by, questions about the strengths and places of improvement in his game. Goodwine explained, “The strength of my game is speed. I work with a lot of finesse and I use my hands a lot. I make big time plays that will affect the game.” His film supports this claim as he consistently shows great burst off the edge as both a pass rusher and in run defense. His speed and quickness allow him to pursue players horizontally with ease. His hand usage also comes up often as he uses them well to position himself to make a play. In terms of what he feels he needs to improve Goodwine described the idea of overthinking. Describing, “I overthink what I want to do, I think to much on what I should do instead of just going in.” Meaning he wants to improve on being more instinctual in his decision making. Try to trust his own preparation and ability more on the field. Goodwine then went on to explained that his most important task at his position is to attack the ball. Stating,” I need to dominate the person in front of me. And, to do my job.” Goodwin when asked about what he wants scout to notice in his game he said, “I want them to look at everything, from the good to the bad.” Showing the confidence, he has in his game, but also how he wants all parts of him to be analyzed to know what he must improve. I concluded my inquiries with asking about any recent offers and goals he has set for next season. As far as college offers, he told me he has received offers from Vanderbilt, Florida State, and South Carolina. Making it now 30 offers in total to this point for this young DE. Goodwine’s goals as he stated,” is to make first team all-met and to make my mom proud every time they announce a sack I record over the speakers at game.”  Goodwine has clear goals set for himself and with his talent and the quality team he is on they are achievable. This young Defensive End should only further establish himself as arguably the best Defensive End in the state.

The next player to discuss is Defensive Tackle Marcus Bradley of Quince Orchard. This 4-star recruit at around 6’3” 265 lbs. is a great space eater and disruptive force on the interior of the defense. The strengths I see in his game are his strength and quickness at his position. His strength comes into play with his ability to absorb double teams and create space for his linebackers to shoot gaps. He also overpowers his opponents on his bulrushes, along with using his hands to discard lineman and get into the backfield. His quickness shows in his get off and ability to be the first to engage in his matchup. While showing great quickness in getting up to bat passes and even block field goals on special teams. Improvements he could make are more additions if anything. As he could add more to his pass rush repertoire to begin to maximize his physical tools. The fact he uses his hands at times very effectively means with more polish to this aspect of his game the more impactful he could be. Improving and continuing to grow physically can also occur with a good offseason, adding even more strength and athleticism to his play. The task I truly see as a big point of emphasis for Bradley is his continued dominance as a run stuffer. With his quickness and strong hands, he can be a true space eater on the interior. He shows on his film the skill to shoot gaps in run defense and blow up runs before they get off the ground. Plus, the showing he can handle and take on multiple blockers makes him a real asset in setting your run defense as he will allow others one on one matchups to make plays. Bradley’s talents have also warranted the current 28 offers he has accumulated. Schools ranging from Georgia to Vanderbilt are among many D1 programs seeking his services. Bradley shows all the skills to be a dominant defensive lineman at the next level. With a strong season the coming year Bradley will only further become a major prospect at an at times underrated position.

The third player to analyze is Defensive Back Antoine Booth II of Dematha. This 5’11” 165 lbs. Cornerback is a feisty DB that gives it his all every play he is on the field. When I contacted Booth recently, he gave me some great insight into him as a player. I first asked about what he considers strengths in his game. Booth stated, “The strengths of my game I consider would definitely be my competitiveness and mentality.” These two aspects are important especially at his position, because of the island corners play on. Plus, at a position where your mistakes are more noticeable than other position you must have the mindset to come back the next play and do your job. Having confidence at this type of man against man matchup position can help keep you ready to make plays at any time in a game. When I inquired about improvements, he wanted to make in his game he focused on his quick twitch ability. Explaining, “I would say my quick twitch ability is something I would like to work on. Even though I am quick at the line of scrimmage, but there’s always room for improvement.” This skill is also crucial to success at this position because of how much his success is affected by his ability to guess and anticipate routes. Having improved quick twitch skills would allow him to better react and to breaks in receivers’ routes. Allowing him to jump and drive on more throws on timing routes. Helping him also react and attack plays in run defense better as well. When I then transitioned to asking about what he considers his biggest task at his position, he answered with a part of the position that helps separate the good from great corners. Booth described, “The most important thing to accomplish definitely would be taking on the challenge of covering the best guy and removing him out the equation.” Having the want to take on this role of shutdown corner on a defense is what can help classify you as an elite corner in some ways. Taking on this task at a position where you are always at a disadvantage, while battling a topflight pass catcher is tough. Booth shows the skills and mindset though to succeed in this role. When I got to asking him about any recent college offers, he told me he got offers from Michigan State and Kent State. Acquiring them right before the quiet period in terms of offers being given out by college programs. The goals he described he has going into the coming season were stated as follows. “Some goals are to win a WCAC Championship and prove myself I’m the best cover corner in the 2021 class,” Booth explained. This showcases both the personal and team goals he has set for himself which is a good balance. The final piece of information he told me was about what he wants scout to take away when they see him play. Booth stated, “The part I would like them to acknowledge is the leadership as a player who’s willing to lay everything on the line for his teammates.” Having these types of intangibles, coupled with his talent help form a corner that can show to be one of the best defensive backs in the State and DMV area.

The final player to highlight in this piece is Defensive Back William Simpkins III. The Quince Orchard DB at around 6’2” 175 lbs. is a 2-star recruit who will see his stock rise with a strong year next season. The strengths I notice in his game on film are his length and physicality, along with his playmaking ability. The length he has at his position allows him great range and reach in coverage situations. He uses this length along with his physical play in man coverage to tie up receivers at the line of scrimmage. This allows him to throw off the timing of routes and give himself a better chance to make a play on the ball. He also displays a willingness to tackle in run defense on the perimeter. In terms of his playmaking he has a great nose for the ball. As he made a bevy of plays for Quince Orchard last season especially. He can get his hands on the ball a lot creating turnovers to get the ball back to his offense. Having this type of playmaker on your defense is always a game changer. Improvements to his game revolve more around continuing to develop his physical frame to be able to be an even more physical presence on the backend. This young defensive back has interest from several college programs with 8 total offers. Schools include Pittsburgh, Louisville, Florida International, and Buffalo. With further growth and performance his coming senior year he will only generate further buzz around his name. Simpkins has the skills to be a terrific coverage guy and will display his talents each game next season.