Class of 2022 Recruits: Prospect Watch

The Class of 2022 presents the High School scene with a bevy of talented recruits ready to make an impact. Recruits at various positions that have skills that will help them rise in notoriety. These recruits may see much playing time the coming season or may still have to earn an opportunity. Either way there […]

The Class of 2022 presents the High School scene with a bevy of talented recruits ready to make an impact. Recruits at various positions that have skills that will help them rise in notoriety. These recruits may see much playing time the coming season or may still have to earn an opportunity. Either way there should be plenty of new talent coming onto the scene the coming season. This piece will look to elaborate on 5 recruits that are worth keeping an eye on going into the 2020 season. Depicting the skillsets of theses players on the field.

The first player to bring up is Offensive Lineman James Williams who at around 6’2” 268 lbs. is a developing young talent at the Center position. Playing currently at National Christian Academy this young center has the tools to be a great signal caller on the interior of an Offensive Line. He does not have any current offers but should gain some traction with a strong season. On the field he displays with a nastiness you want from your interior linemen. Finishing plays through the whistle and being quick to deliver the first blow when going into a block at any time. He is nimble on his feet allowing him to maneuver on the interior smoothly. While also displaying the strength and strong base to avoid being pushed back on his heels by rushers. He also does a great job signaling and making calls on the line. Being very clear and assertive in his communication with his QB and fellow lineman. Williams does need to work on his hand placement some, but this should come with further reps. This young center has a bright future and is a prospect certainly worth keeping an eye going forward.

The next player to highlight on this list is Wide Receiver Lamar Patterson. This 2022 recruit at around 5’10” 171 lbs. is still growing into his frame but should develop into a great pass catcher. He currently plays at St. Frances Academy and has currently 5 offers from college programs. Schools include Arizona State, Massachusetts, Michigan, Morgan State, and Tennessee. Showing even with a significant amount of his high school career left he is garnering major interest. In terms of his on the field play Patterson his sophomore year recorded 16 receptions, 8 touchdowns, and over 600 all-purpose yards. Good numbers for a player who got limited opportunity but took full advantage of them. His skillset includes a good burst on his releases allowing him to get opposing defensive backs on their heels. He runs solid routes and can create separation with his good speed. He does display breakaway speed, as well as, the speed to get deep behind defenders for chunk plays. He shows a willingness to block which is good to see in a receiver. His best skill though may be his ability to adjust to the ball in the air to make tough catches. Showing the instincts to track the ball and adjust his body to make a play on it accordingly. Patterson should generate more buzz with more involvement in the offense the coming year. He is off to a good start with much more to provide in terms of playmaking.

For Defensive End Derrick Moore this approximately 6’4” 245 lbs. DE has already shown much talent on film. Rated as a 4-star recruit by he currently plays at St. Frances Academy. He already has 12 offers from varying schools including Florida, Arizona State, Maryland, and LSU to name some. On tape he displays a bevy of skills from the various moves he can utilize when rushing the passer. Whether it be a spin move, up and under, or straight bulrush Moore has several ways he can get into the backfield. He has good quickness off the edge, while displaying power to push back opposing linemen. His consistency in his pursuit of a ball carrier also shows the constant effort he plays with each game. He also uses his lean body type to his advantage, allowing him to bend and maneuver around bigger opponents easier. Moore shows the tools to be a great pass rusher. With further refinement likely to occur as his career progresses, he should grow into a wanted commodity at a position of major importance in football.

The next player is Jaishawn Barham, Outside Linebacker for St. Frances Academy. He is not currently rated by but does have 16 college offers. Schools interested include Baylor, Iowa, Kentucky, and Florida to name a few. On film Barham showcases great speed at his position shooting gaps and chasing down ball carriers effortlessly. He displays great patience and anticipation when filling gaps in run defense. Several times on film beating a ball carrier or attempted blocker to the spot. He also showed steady improvement in coverage making more plays in pass defense as his sophomore year went on. Barham does tackle very well both in tight places and in open space. Barham does need to further grow in coverage but is strong in run defense and as a blitzer. Barham with a strong year this coming season should put more film out there to further gain interest from scouts.

The final player to discuss is Tight End Nate Kurisky who plays currently for Gonzaga High School. Kurisky has great size at the position at 6’3” 225 lbs. and is growing into a well-rounded tight end. He also currently has 3 offers from college programs, those being Maryland, Pittsburgh, and Vanderbilt. This player has much potential still to unlock, but his play on the field is already showcasing some intriguing tools. Kurisky shows 3 great abilities on the field that are very key to his position. The first being he has the great ability to make contested catches. As on film most of his receptions come in situations where he and the defender are competing for space and the ball. The second being he showcases a good feel for finding holes in zone coverages. Allowing him to sit down his route and make himself an available target for his QB. The final area he is strong in is his blocking, which he does well from a variety of positions. This is because of his versatility to operate out wide, in the slot, and in tight along the line. He blocks with great form and physicality, while many times moving his assignment with ease in one on one situations. Kurisky may not have much notoriety currently, but with continued improvement and steady play he will become a wanted prospect in little time.