Defensive Recruits Evaluations

With so many talented defensive recruits apart of the Class of 2021 it is hard to keep track of them all. As in many cases you have defensive recruits at the same position that get lost in the shuffle of others. The good thing about the Class of 2021 is even when you get past […]

With so many talented defensive recruits apart of the Class of 2021 it is hard to keep track of them all. As in many cases you have defensive recruits at the same position that get lost in the shuffle of others. The good thing about the Class of 2021 is even when you get past evaluating the top recruits at different positions there is a bevy of other prospects to analyze. Giving one ample opportunities to discover and highlight as much of the talent of the defensive side of the ball in the DMV area. This article will look to give condensed evaluations of a few defensive recruits. Presenting their skillsets and strong points as players that make them recruits worth following.

The first recruit to mention is Defensive tackle Kenjaun Manuel of St. John’s High School. This 6’2” 290 lbs. defensive lineman showcases many tools at the defensive tackle position. One of his skills that stands out on film is his hand usage as an interior defensive lineman. Showing the great ability to use his hands to discard and elude blockers to make plays in the back field. This skill complements his physical strength, as he combines the two to gain an advantage in terms of leverage in a battle up front. He can overpower defenders, while also being quick enough off the snap to shoot gaps or be the first to engage his matchup to gain an early edge. Manuel does show to be a great run stopper on the interior, while as a pass rusher he continues to develop. Manuel also displays versatility as he played offensive guard last season for St. John’s as well. Displaying his physicality when asked to block and showing his athleticism out in space and laterally. Kenjaun Manuel seems poised to have a big senior year and on a talented St. John’s team he is another player to watch. Plus, with a strong year he should see his current offer total of 6 rise as his production comes.

The next player to discuss is Kyonte Hamilton of Georgetown Prep. At around 6’5” 230 this young prospect displays the versatility to contribute at several positions. Hamilton is an outside linebacker by trade and shows great tackling technique at the position. He shows the ability to operate in space in coverage, using his athleticism to read and react to where the ball goes. He displays deceptive quickness and speed off the edge as a rusher. He also is consistent in his constant pursuit of a ball carrier, moving sideline to sideline to bring down the opposition. This shows up most when he is tasked with setting the edge in run defense which he does well. The versatility shows up in that he contributed on Prep’s offense quite a bit last season. Playing at quarterback and even some running back for Georgetown Prep. By contributing on both sides of the ball this shows his athleticism again as an athlete that his team values to utilize as much as possible. For Hamilton after verbally committing to Rutgers on March 7th he seems to have a good idea what is next for his football career. Hamilton, I do see as a talented linebacker that as he refines his craft will become an even more technically sound linebacker. While using his physical gifts to continue to dominate his competition the coming season.

Chantz Harley is the next player to analyze as this young defensive back plays for Landon School. At 6’1” 175 lbs. Harley has good size for his position which immediately puts him at an advantage. In terms of his skillset Harley has length and good ball skills as a defensive back. He is very strong in man coverage and excels in press man as he can be physical off the snap. Therefore, he got his hands on several balls for interceptions and pass breakups last season. Harley’s physicality also shows up in his tackling out in space. As he shows a willingness to come up and tackle on run defense. While being difficult to get away from in open space, using his speed and good technique to bring ball carriers down. His speed and elusiveness make him especially effective in defending screen passes. As he can avoid or rid himself of the initial blocker. Then can take on the opponent and most times stand them straight up and bring them down with ease. Harley because of his speed and elusiveness also allowed him to contribute on Landon’s offense. As he got the ball out of a plethora of positions and was able to make a bevy of plays. Whether off a jet sweep, out of the backfield, or had it thrown to him as a receiver Landon wanted the ball in his hands a lot. With these talents Chantz Harley is a player who deserves more interest than he currently is getting. With two current offers from Navy and William and Mary Harley has some interest from college programs. With a strong senior season and quality team success Harley should see his stock rise.

The final player to analyze is Amari Hutson of Wilde Lake High School. At just 5’9” 175 lbs. this defensive back prospect may not prototypically size but shows off all the abilities to be an impact player. First off Hutson has speed which makes him able to keep up with all opponents. While not sizable at the position he does tackle well and is not afraid to take on much bigger ball carriers. Hutson is also utilized on offense out of a bevy of areas on the field to use his quickness and speed that he has. Hutson with more opportunities should be able to further show his toughness and abilities as DB. Although he could be more valuable on the offensive side of the ball down the road. Time will only tell what Hutson becomes his coming senior year.