DMV Running Back Prospects: Top Skills

The DMV boasts a bevy of talented running backs across the area that are big-time producers. Running backs that have all kinds of skills that set them apart their peers. The Class of 2021 and 2022 present several running backs that will all make a significant impact in their respective leagues next season. With each […]

The DMV boasts a bevy of talented running backs across the area that are big-time producers. Running backs that have all kinds of skills that set them apart their peers. The Class of 2021 and 2022 present several running backs that will all make a significant impact in their respective leagues next season. With each running back having one skill that is a huge part of what makes them a talented player. That is why this piece will look to highlight the top attribute of 5 different running backs in the area. Describing its impact on their overall game and contributions on the field.

The first running back to discuss is Class of 2021 Running back/Receiver Aaron Turner. At around 5’9” 175 lbs. The Gonzaga product’s best attribute as a player is his versatility as an offensive weapon. Turner is best described as an all-purpose back because he can play a multitude of roles and positions on Gonzaga’s offense. This 3-star recruit as rated by on film showcases this skill from a bevy of positions. Turner showed a lot of ability to play out wide and in the slot as a receiver. Prompting Gonzaga to play him more and more at receiver in the game plan. He has the speed and quickness to be an explosive playmaker with the ball in his hands. Gonzaga makes sure to get him the ball from a variety of areas on reverses to get him on the edge quickly. He certainly can come from out of the backfield as well out of the I-Formation, Pistol, or Shotgun as a runner or receiver. He also returns kicks and punt, so Gonzaga can get his speed and elusiveness on the field as much as possible. Turner as a player continues to display the ability to play multiple positions which makes him a valuable contributor. As more colleges show interest in his services, he will become a major commodity for college programs. Turner currently has one college offer from Rutgers and should only see his stock rise as next season progresses.

The next player to bring up is St. John’s Running Back Colby McDonald. McDonald stands at around 5’11” 200 lbs. which is solid size at his position. The part of his game that is the most impressive for this Class of 2021 recruit is his burst and explosion as a runner. McDonald as a runner hits holes and explodes through them with consistency. He finds the hole effectively and then explodes in an instance to turn what would be smaller gains for some into a large gain. McDonald is a running back that has the ability with this skill to create big plays on the ground for St. John’s. St. John’s is they utilize him more as a receiver, he could be an explosive pass catcher as well. McDonald currently has 12 offers from a variance of college programs. These include Boston College, Kansas, East Carolina, and Buffalo to name a few. This 3-star running back per has a great chance to see an increase in touches and production. Which means his burst and explosion as a runner will further terrorize opposing defenses in the WCAC next season.

The next player also is apart of St. John’s backfield and is an imposing presence at the position. Antwain Littleton is a 6’1” 270 lbs. freight train of a running back that is a nightmare to have to tackle. The Class of 2021 recruit’s greatest ability at his position is his combination of his size and athleticism. At approximately 270 pounds he is a large body to tackle consistently throughout a game. He takes full advantage of his size and girth, as he can run through and over defenders with ease. He breaks tackles with ease and is should be a great threat around the goal line for St. John’s the next couple of years. His athleticism at his size is a surprising physical trait to complement it. As Littleton shows the nimbleness when making moves in the open field against defenders. He showed great balance on several occasions when jumping fallen defenders. Along with displaying quick feet when avoiding defenders as well. Littleton a 3-star recruit as per has the type of intriguing body type at his position. Combined with his physical tools that make him a wanted commodity as shown by the 12 offers he has. Littleton has though committed to University of Maryland, giving Maryland a very talented back to add to it running back stable.

Keshawn Wheeler at approximately 6’0” 200 lbs. is a sturdily built running back. Wheeler currently plays for Pallotti and has produced well. The Class of 2021 recruit displays many talents at his position, but the one that most stands out is the power and physicality he runs with. Wheeler consistently on film runs with power long strides and is a great one cut runner. Wheeler is a very tough tackle and it usually takes multiple defenders to get him to the ground. This skill does benefit his game in terms of the burst he displays through holes, as he can power through smaller creases effectively. Wheeler also shows this trait in his blocking where he is very physical and, in some instances, overpower his matchup. Keshawn Wheeler is currently rated a 2-star prospect per with one college offer from Rutgers. With another strong performance this coming season he should see more interest in his services at the next level.

The final running back to elaborate on is Jeremiah White This Class of 2021 running back plays for Quince Orchard High School. At around 5’0” 194 lbs. this talented running back has one major skill that is beneficial to his game which is his, speed and vision. When I got in contact with White recently, he described this himself. White explained, “I think my best skill as a running back is a combination of things. Vision and speed, Blocking and receiving, and my explosion and reaction time.” White continued,” To try to narrow it down to one skill would be selling myself short. I always work hard on having a multiple skill as a RB. But if I only could pick one Speed and Vision. Plus, I am noted for my break away speed.” As the film shows his speed and vision are on full display as his best attribute. White shows tremendous speed around the edge, showing the ability to outrun the contain of the defense. His breakaway speed is apparent on many of his big runs as well. As once he finds a hole, he has the great burst and quick second gear to turn short runs into long gains. White’s vision is good as well, as he finds holes effectively in tight spaces. While also showing great vision in the open field to find the best route to compromise defenders. White because of this great speed and vision has shown to be a running back prospect worth watching going forward. A player not highly touted now but will be soon enough.