High School Prospects Breakout Candidates

It is never too early to start previewing the High School football season. Thus with 2020 now officially underway it is time to start looking at some talented high school prospects. High School prospects that have a chance to have big seasons in the 2020 campaign. This piece will look at 5 high school prospects […]

It is never too early to start previewing the High School football season. Thus with 2020 now officially underway it is time to start looking at some talented high school prospects. High School prospects that have a chance to have big seasons in the 2020 campaign. This piece will look at 5 high school prospects that have a chance to have big impacts next seasons for a variety of reasons. Describing their skillsets and what could be the biggest factor to hopeful success.

The first player to highlight is Meade High School’s Johnathan Womble. Womble plays outside linebacker on Meade’s defense which gave up the fewest points in Anne Arundel County last season. Womble at around 5’8” 200 lbs. is a player with Meade soon to have several players depart this summer from their defense due to graduation will see his role increase further. He shows on film to already be a very sound tackler. Using good technique and knowing how to breakdown and finish a ball carrier both in crowed areas and in open space on the field. The rising Senior also is very strong in his run fits, playing his gaps well and knowing when to shoot through and make a play in the backfield. While Womble has a great ability to always be around the ball whether it be making the tackle or chasing down a play. He is solid in zone coverage never straying to far from his area showing he can be serviceable in coverage. As well as, furthering to improve his ability to cover in space. Womble especially despite not being insanely fast is very smart and calculated when tackling ball carriers in space, always taking good angles to ensure the best outcome. Womble is a tackling machine and his strong play should help him become more of a noticeable force as a leader of Meade’s defense next season.

The next player to discuss is Jalen Lamkin rising senior running back and safety for Annapolis High School. Lamkin at currently 5’11” 150 lbs. had a solid year individually for Annapolis despite their overall down season. With the coming departures of Deon Hunt and Eric Lindsay to the backfield more opportunities to be the lead back should open up for Lamkin. Lamkin shows great burst when hitting holes on film. Creating chunk yardage plays on the ground to help move Annapolis’ offense. He has deceptive breakaway speed and the innate ability to squeeze himself through small holes or traffic to break free I to the open field. He shows versatility to be able to run out of a bevy of formation as well. He also shows a great ability to have a nose for the endzone as he became a reliable goal-line and red-zone threat as a runner as last year went on. As a safety he plays mostly around the line of scrimmage which complements his physical style as a player. He tackles well and grew in coverage a lot last season. He seems to me to be more fit as a running back but showing the ability to play multiple positions is only a plus. Lamkin with increased carries next year should show how explosive he is over a full season as a feature back. Making him an intriguing prospect down the road when offers begin to come around very soon.

The next player to mention plays running back for North County High School. His name is Tony Bedell and while his name continues to grow on the High school football scene, he still has plenty ore to show. The approximately 5’11” 185 lbs. running back displays all the tools you want in a playmaker at the position. Bedell put up 1001 yards on 141 carries last year which averages out to an impressive 7.0 yards a carry. Despite only scoring two touchdown his past junior season Bedell displayed the ability to make many key plays and be a catalyst to set up North County to score points. He has quick feet and good speed to burst through holes and get to the outside on running plays. He shows the ability to be a receiver out of the backfield making people miss in space. While still having the power to not be an easy tackle when defenders do get hands on him. With more opportunities for touches the coming year Bedell should only up his prospect stock and further establish himself as one of the best backs in the county. Plus, having seen him up close last year at SEN’s The Showdown there is a lot of talent to be worked with. I can see another 1,000-yard season ahead with hopefully a few more cracks a getting in the end-zone.

This player next to bring up plays running back for Dematha High School Sieh Bangura. At around 6’1” 210 lbs. this rising senior will look to take on the load of the backfield work with the graduation of standout Marshawn Lloyd. On film Bangura shows tremendous feet and runs with power putting his great frame to good use. He is very elusive and tough to tackle and runs through a bevy of arm tackles when hitting holes filled with traffic. He has great breakaway speed and is good in the open field as both a runner and receiver. Bangura with an increased role could easily get over 1,000 yards on the ground, along with adding some receiving numbers. Bangura shows great balance and does a great job keeping his feet even after contact allowing to get a lot of yards after 1st contact. Bangura does need to further improve as a blocker, but he is still solid in these situations. Overall Bangura with him likely becoming the lead back the coming season will become a highly sought-after commodity. A player that can do everything you need as a running back and has some versatility to play other positions as well.

The final player to discuss Good Counsel Wide Receiver Miles Cross. At 6’1” 195 lbs. Cross is a solidly built receiver who displays physicality in all parts of his game. The part of his game that may get overlooked is his blocking. He does a good job blocking down field, and at times does a great job delivering blows to defenders getting them off their feet and out of the play. Cross runs good routes, though at times needs to cut sharper on some of his routes at times. He has strong hands and uses his body well to ward off defenders in contested catch situations. Cross runs very good intermediate routes and can create yards after the catch by running through would be tacklers. Cross while not having great speed does find ways to get open down field. Usually doing it with good releases and stetting up his moves on deep routes well. Cross if the quarterback play improves more next year could put up big numbers. As he could be a major weapon on the outside and help create more consistent big plays for Good Counsel next year.