Jaden Coffen: Wide Receiver Inquiry

Recently I was able to get in contact with wide receiver Jaden Coffen of St. Albans High School. This 3-star receiver gave me the opportunity to pick his brain and learn more about him as a player. I presented him with a couple of question to better learn about how he envisions himself as a […]

Recently I was able to get in contact with wide receiver Jaden Coffen of St. Albans High School. This 3-star receiver gave me the opportunity to pick his brain and learn more about him as a player. I presented him with a couple of question to better learn about how he envisions himself as a player. While also discovering his personal opinions of specific traits of playing the receiver position. This article will look to present Jaden Coffen’s responses to the 4 questions I posed to him. Detailing the correlations in his game to these answers, along with better depicting his understanding of his position overall.

The first question I had for Coffen dealt with what he sees as the strengths in his game. Trying to learn what skills or talents he believes are most noticeable in his skillset. Coffen stated, “My physicality and route running are definitely the best parts of my game. It’s key to create separation and I think I’m very good at doing that.” This shows Coffen is very confident in his skills as a route runner at his position. This claim is supported by his film as he does run very good routes, showing solid footwork and smooth breaks in and out of his routes. The great at intermediate routes especially, operating in the middle and across the field effectively. His quick feet and assortment of jab steps and head fakes help him set up his opponent to manipulate their movements and create separation in tight coverage instances. The physicality aspect he also mentions shows up in contested catch situations. As he gets to display his athleticism and out-fight defensive backs for footballs in tight coverage. He utilizes his strong hands to fight off defenders in hand fighting scenarios in tight man coverage and then go up and snatch the football at its high point. This type of physicality allows him to not be phased much when press coverage is implemented against him on a play. As his physical nature invites this due to the confidence, he will win his matchup. These two skills are very important as a receiver, and the fact Coffen showcases the confidence and the on-field play that he excels at these skills makes him an asset.

The next inquiry I had for Coffen dealt with improvements he felt he could make to his game. Asking about any specific technical skill or physical tool he wanted to cultivate to better himself as a player. Coffen responded, “I want to improve my speed always.” Continuing, “I feel like I’m fast, but I want to be able to burn past people even when they are in off coverage.” This response displays his want to up his physical speed to become an even tougher cover. The ability he has as a route runner is already apparent, but couple that with improved speed and this makes him even more difficult to cover. As defenders will not only be at the mercy of his ability to run sharp crisp routes to get them guessing and on the defensive. He with improved speed will be able to force more off coverage and start more plays with a significant advantage. Having more room to work after his release to run his pattern with less interference. Plus, this as he stated help him beat off coverage by just out running defenders and becoming a more consistent deep threat. Working on this physical aspect of his game will make his talents at the position shine even more. As an increase in his speed will only heighten his skillset as a receiver and in some ways make his job that much easier to execute.

George P. Smith/The Montgomery Sentinel St. Alban’s Jaden Coffen (11) makes the catch in front of Georgetown Prep’s John Howley (20).

I then inquired about the types of coverages Coffen faces as a receiver. Posing the question, does he feel like beating man coverage or finding holes in zone coverages in more important as a receiver? Coffen explained, “I feel like beating man is most important because I pride myself on not being able to be covered by just one person.” He continued, “If the defense can do that to you then you aren’t doing your job as a wide receiver.” This answer shows how Coffen really values the ability to beat your opponent man for man on a consistent basis. While he also displays an understanding the more attention you can demand at the receiver position when the defense is in man the better it shows you are at the position. Plus, the fact he sees this ability as a key task to perform at his position shows the mindset, he must dominate his individual matchup any time he is on the field. While understanding zone coverage is key to helping make the QB’s job reading it easier. Being able to be relied upon to beat man coverage on a consistent basis really showcases the technical and physical tools of a receiver best.

The final question I had for Coffen dealt with his opinions on his route running. Asking, how would he grade his route running? And what routes does he feel he runs well consistently well? Coffen described, “I feel like I’m a 9/10 route runner. My head fakes are on point, but I want to work on being more patient with my route running and really working to breakdown defenders.” Continuing, “I feel like I am a good at every route in the route tree. I am very versatile.” This again further displays the confidence he has in himself as a route runner. He still shows a want to better certain aspects of this skill but is at a solid point in his development of this skill. He also is adamant about his abilities to run the entire route tree as a receiver. Which the more routes you can run in the tree effectively the less predictable you area as a receiver. Making as versatile at the position as can be. This confidence mixed with his technical skills and physical talents he has at the position make a prospect worth looking into in the area.

Jaden Coffen is a young pass catcher with all the skills at his disposal to be one of the best receivers in the area. This recruit can show with a strong senior season can show he is still somewhat underrated as a wide receiver prospect. Now only time will tell how much more attention he can garner with his production on the field from recruiters. Then transition to a college career that will see much promise.