Player Evaluations: Class of 2021/Class of 2022 Recruits

As I continue to evaluate the wealth of talent across the DMV area, I came across a couple of players who caught my eye recently. These players being Class of 2021 recruits Joseph Bray and Jason Entzminger. Along with Class of 2022 recruits Kwan Williams and Andre Roye. These 4 recruits who I watched film […]

As I continue to evaluate the wealth of talent across the DMV area, I came across a couple of players who caught my eye recently. These players being Class of 2021 recruits Joseph Bray and Jason Entzminger. Along with Class of 2022 recruits Kwan Williams and Andre Roye. These 4 recruits who I watched film on recently all displayed skills that make them players to keep on the radar the coming High School football season. Players who are either going into their final season or looking to post another strong campaign. These 4 recruits bring something to the table that will help them grow their stock among scouts and college programs. Which is why this article will look to present player evaluations on all 4 of these players. Analyzing the parts of their game that standout and in some cases improvements they can make.

            The first player to evaluate is Class of 2021 Linebacker Jason Entzminger. At around 6’1” 215 lbs. this young athlete has the size and build you see in a prototypical linebacker. Entzminger is going into his senior season with National Christian Academy hoping to finish his high school career strong. With the skillset that he presents he is someone to watch out for as a defensive recruit. On film the skills in Entzminger’s game that stood out include his speed and quickness at the position. While also showing great eye discipline and physicality as a player. His speed and quickness make him a constant disruptive force on defense. He uses these physical abilities to shoot gaps and chase downplays from the backside effortlessly. His speed and decisive reads make him a strong run defender, while effective at defending screens. These physical tools are a big part of his game. Add in his physical playstyle and solid tackling and you have a very reliable linebacker. The main technical skill he showcases consistently is great eye discipline when reading and reacting to a play. He does a great job rarely getting caught out of position or getting fooled on ball fakes. He tracks the ball well and this allows him to be consistently around the ball to make plays. The fact he can read and dissect a play pre snap and be decisive in his movement to attack said play make him a great signal caller on a defense. Jason Entzminger does have one current offer from Toledo but as the 2-star recruit goes into his senior year he has much still to show.

            The second player to mention is Class of 2021 Athlete Joseph Bray. This 6’0” approximately 207 lbs. player plays Running Back for St. Frances. This rising senior ball carrier displays many tools that make a quality back at the High school level. He runs with deceptive power and shiftiness, making him very difficult for opponents to tackle. He is not a speed burner but does have good burst and breakaway speed in the open field. Bray has good quick feet, and when coupled with his good vision as a runner allow him to be patient and hit holes decisively. While also showing great balance to keep himself up right even after first contact during a run. Bray shows some skills as a pass catcher out of the backfield for St. Frances as well. As he is utilized many times on screens giving him more opportunities to generate chunk yardage. This young running back has the skillset to be a true workhorse and could be that this coming season for St. Frances. Plus, the fact he also contributes in short spurts on defense highlight further the physicality he brings to the field every game. Joseph Bray is a running back that is clearly underrated in the DMV area. But with two current offers from Liberty and Southern Miss interest in his abilities is growing slowly, but steadily.

            The third player to analyze is Class of 2022 Defensive Tackle Kwan Williams. This young DT stands at 6’1” 285 lbs. and is an impact player for McDonogh High School. The parts of his game that shine the most when he is on the field are his strength, hand usage, ability to block shed, and versatility. Williams is a true disruptive force on the interior of McDonogh defensive line. As he consistently creates penetration and makes plays in the backfield as a run stopper and pass rusher. His strength comes into play when overpowering his opponent up front or taking on and beating double teams. As he drives his matchups backwards or at best, they stalemate him on occasion in a one on one scenario. While showing the ability to take on and handle double teams to free up space for other players on his defense. Making a great space-eater, and pass rush presence in the middle of their defense. His hand usage and block shedding skills are technical skills that compliment his natural strength. As he uses several different moves to detach or shed an opposing blocker to get into the backfield. Using his good hand placement and understanding of leverage to put himself in the best positions to rid himself of an offensive lineman. The versatility part of his game mostly is a testament to his ability to play on both lines for St. Frances. As he played not just DT last season but Guard and Offensive Tackle when needed. This makes Williams even more of an asset as it shows he can take on multiple roles and excel at them. Williams with his current total of 12 offers including schools like Maryland, Florida, and Boston College has garnered major interest. Now with still two years of his high school career to go, the sky is the limit for this talented defensive lineman.

            The final player to evaluate is Offensive Tackle Andre Roye of St. Frances High School. This Class of 2022 OT is approximately 6’6” 275 lbs. and present a long, lean, and athletic presence to put on the end of an offensive line. In terms of the abilities he displays on film these include great athleticism to block out in space and strength and power. His athleticism shows up often on film when he is used as a pulling or lead tackle on cutback or outside running plays. As he showcases great balance agility to get out in the open field and clear a path for his teammates. This makes him very useful especially on screens to seal off a lane to create chunk gain opportunities for ball carriers. His natural strength and power also are key to this part of his skillset, as well as, him as a player overall. As he absorbs first contact from opposing rushers well. Rarely being driven back or caught back on his heels, keeping his footing and stalemating his opponents. Roye also does drive his assignments up the field and finishes his blocks with physicality and nastiness you want from your offensive lineman. Andre Roye going into another full year as a starter should only get better across the board as a lineman. As he will mature physically and learn more about the technical skills needed to be the force up front, he can be. Add in the fact he has 10 current offers from schools like Baylor, Massachusetts and Arizona State and Roye has already cultivated an interest in his game. Now he must further grow as a player to generate more buzz and advance his career eventually to the college level.