Prospective Linebackers in the class of 2020

Players Featured: Ryan Jones, Elijah Wasson, Jack Hall, Devin Grinnage, Gaberiel Fuster Elijah Wasson- LB #31 Flint Hill High School                                                                            […]

Players Featured: Ryan Jones, Elijah Wasson, Jack Hall, Devin Grinnage, Gaberiel Fuster

Elijah Wasson- LB #31 Flint Hill High School                                                                                                                                           Oakton, VA

The junior linebacker for Flint Hill is listed at 6’0 205lbs and plays middle linebacker. He has very good speed, consistent fundamental tackling and a nose for the football. I also like how he is able to chase a play down and run from sideline to sideline. Wasson plays very well when he’s close to the line of scrimmage, ramming his way through the line of scrimmage when blitzing and causing plays to be stopped in the backfield. He’s definitely a run stopping linebacker, and on short yard situations I think you can expect Wasson to make a play. I think an area of improvement for Wasson would be pass coverage. I didn’t see much of him doing that so improving how well he can cover tight ends and running backs out of the backfield, also thinking he could improve on creating more turnovers. Wasson is still undecided at this time.

Ryan Jones- LB #5 Friendship Academy                                                                                                                        Washington, D.C.

Ryan Jones had a very impressive highlight film. The 6’0 210lb junior from friendship academy is a very physical linebacker who appears to do everything the right way. When close to the line of scrimmage, Jones does a very good job of stuffing run lanes quickly and when he is getting blocked he fights off lineman and still heavily pursues the ball carrier. Jones also shows the agility and quickness to run sideline to sideline and make a play. When Blitzing Jones appears to be more of a power rusher as he pushes through the line of scrimmage. I did like what I saw from Jones while he was in pass coverage, primarily playing zone he sat back followed the quarterback’s eyes and came down with two interceptions. Some areas of improvement would be improving his pass rushing skills and his man coverage skills in the passing game. He currently has a couple schools interested in him but currently remains undecided at this time.

Devin Grinnage- DT #77 Westminster High School                                                                                                        Westminster, MD

Devin Grinnage is a junior listed at 6’3 350lbs and anchors the middle of the defensive line for Westminster. While Grinnage may not have the speed at the defensive line position you may want he does a lot of other things exceptionally well. For one, because of his size he’s going to command a double team more times than not and that will free up linebackers gain easier access to tackles. Grinnage is a tough guy to block and this allows him to be very disruptive in the run gain. Once he has an arm around you, he can easily bring you down with his strength. I was impressed with how Grinnage could still be being blocked and still make a tackle. I also would like Grinnage to use his hands more at the line of scrimmage to help get to the quarterback faster. Going into his senior year I would like to see Grinnage impose his size on his competition. I know he can be more dominant. Grinnage appears to be undecided at this time.

Jack Hall- DT #65 Benedictine College Prep                                                                                                                     Richmond, VA

Hall is an impressive junior out of Benedictine Prep, after watching his tape I can truly say that he has a nose for the football and getting after the quarterback. Listed at 6’3 270lbs, I think Hall is a great size for a High school defensive lineman and with time to grow eventually a good fit into a college scheme. One of the initial things that caught my eye on Hall was his explosiveness at the snap of the ball. There were times where he was so quick that he went unblocked and completely laid out the ball carrier. I also like his relentless pursuit of the quarterback.  He does a good job with hand fighting at the line of scrimmage, and seems to easily push and shove guys out of his way to make a play in the backfield. I would definitely like to see Hall go up against more top tier lineman just to see how well he can play against players of his own caliber. Hall remains undecided at this time.

Gaberiel Fuster- LB #25 Deep Creek High School                                                                                                                 Chesapeake, VA

The outstanding junior linebacker tallied up 111 tackles this past season, he is seemingly is always around the ball making plays for his defense. Listed at 6’1 215lbs Fuster gives you everything you want at the linebacker position. He can run sideline to sideline and he sheds blocks from offensive lineman exceptionally well. What I really like about Fuster are the hits that he puts on the opposition. His energy on the field is enough to rally the rest of his teammates to make plays as well. Very good instinct on the defensive side of the ball, being able to read when screen plays are coming.