Recruit Rundown: Capitol City Hoops Classic

2017 Capitol City Hoop Classic The 2017 Capitol City Hoop Classic was another success this year with an outstanding championship Memorial Day Monday. All of the divisional championship matchups were competitive with 5 of the 10 games going down to the final possession. The gymnasium was full of blossoming young talent, here is a recap […]

2017 Capitol City Hoop Classic

The 2017 Capitol City Hoop Classic was another success this year with an outstanding championship Memorial Day Monday. All of the divisional championship matchups were competitive with 5 of the 10 games going down to the final possession. The gymnasium was full of blossoming young talent, here is a recap of Monday’s action.

2ND Grade Division Championship
Final: Ward 5 Warriors 16  Team Thrill 6.

The 2nd graders took some time to get things going, but after an extended-stoppage of play with the game tied at 6 apiece, the Warriors were able to pull away behind 7 points from MVP Eric Turner who contributed in a multitude of ways.

3RD Grade Division Championship
Final: Dynamic Disciples 23  DC Warriors 20

The 3rd grade championship featured some very quality guard play from both sides. The Disciples point guard play kept them in control of the pace of play for most of the game. Not to be outdone however, the Warriors backcourt of Marley Parker and Messiah Manning gave the Disciples defense fits all morning. In the end it was the all around outstanding play of game MVP Wisdom Carter that lifted the Disciples to a victory with 10 of his game high 11 points coming in the 2nd half. Wisdom was easily the most physically mature and most all around talented player on the floor for both teams and should be a name to watch for in the DMV in the coming years.

4TH Grade Division Championship
Final: D1SA Spartans 32  Virginia Elite 30

This back and forth affair had no shortage of nail biting moments as it took double overtime to settle this one. Jayden Yates and Nasir Jacobs combined for 17 big points with 9 and 8 respectively to provide the Elitewith much needed offensive firepower while Demarcus Wallace helped steady the pace with 6 points of his own to go along with solid playmaking. In the end though the 3-headed backcourt of Travis Diggs, Logan Riley, and Chase Pavolic proved too much to overcome as the Spartans eked out a 2-point win.

5TH Grade Division Championship
Final: D-School Elite 37 Team Thrill 27

Despite playing up a division, Team Thrill made it all the way to the championship before running into a physical mismatch in the Elite. Despite being undersized, Team Thrill’s guard play was right on par withthe Elite. The electric ball handling of backcourt mates Lawrence Brownand Kam Carter was something to see at such a young age as they combined for 18 points on the day. Wing Kamori Collins tied Carter with a game high 10 points with solid outside shooting. Evin Thompson had a strong performance for the Elite with 9 points, but it was MVP Blake Harper who kept D-School in control for most of the 2nd half to give D-School the win and the championship.

6TH Grade Division Championship
Final: New World 42  Eastwyck 34

New World looked poised to make it a complete blow out in the first halfbehind the exceptional play of Dorian Credle who had 16 to lead New World. Credle handled the ball well with both hands and finished equallywell around the basket with both hands and was virtually impossible for Eastwyck to stop in the 1st half. Had it not been for early foul trouble he could have easily scored 20 or more and Credle will be a player to watchas he transitions through his middle school career. A fiery half time speech by the Eastwyck coaching staff led to a completely different Eastwyck team after intermission as they trimmed a 17-point half time deficit all the way to 4 with under 2 minutes remaining behind 17 points from John Brooks who was a man-child amongst boys. In the end though it was too much to overcome as New World sealed the deal late for the win.

7TH Grade Division Championship
Final: Maryland Rockets 39  Dynamic Disciples 36

The Disciples struggled mightily in the 1st half to find offensive continuity. The Rockets capitalized on some early Disciples turnovers and took control early with a sizeable 13 point 1st half lead. Led by former NBA veteran Etan Thomas, the Disciples came out in the 2nd half playing like a different team and had adjusted to the Rockets aggressive defense. Behind the outstanding guard play of Diego Portee and his teamhigh 15 points the Disciples made it a 1 possession game down the stretch but in the end it was the interior play of Samson Ogunode and Jayden Holland who combined for 28 of the Rocket’s 39 points that proved too much for the Disciples.

8TH Grade Division Championship
Final: Born To Ball 45  Team Nationals 35

Even though Team Nationals may have had the 3 best players for either team on the floor, BTB had very solid production from a multitude of players. Led in the backcourt by MVP Marii Harold and point guard Meko Ross, the timely shooting and full court pressure defense from BTB had Team Nationals out of sort for most of the game. Jahlil Farooq was clearly the most talented player on the floor and was able to get to the rim and clean up the glass at will but he inexplicably missed a number of shots right at the rim which could have easily changed the outcome of the game as Team Nationals were able to cut it down to a 1 possession game late behind a strong 2nd half from Damon Allen and stellar point guard play from Uche Unegbu. A huge 3 from BTB with under a minute left to push the lead back to 6 was the final blow as BTB went on to win the title.

9th Grade Division Championship
Final: DMV Warriors 48  Team Silk 44

The Warriors jumped out early behind MVP guard Keith Robinson fast start and really never looked back. After extending the lead and some chippy play in the 2nd half, Team silk managed to get it all the way down to a 1-point deficit and had a lay up to tie the game with under 10 seconds left but were unable to pull off the comeback. The intense defense by Team Silk led by guard Zack Blackwell got them back in the game and Blackwell’s aggressive penetration got their offense going in the right direction. Robinson however was clutch down the stretch as he helped seal the win for the Warriors finishing with 18 points.

10th Grade Division Championship
Final: Long Island Rough Ryders 29 Double Platinum 26

This was a game that actually saw the losing team make a full comebackin the closing minutes as Double Platinum held a seemingly commanding 7-point lead in a game where neither team reached 30 with just over 2 minutes to go and in a game. But late in the 2nd half after a frustrating bout with offensive fouls, Trey Alexander closed the gap for Long Island to within 1 point before they took the lead for good on a botched out of bound coverage with under 30 seconds to play which leadto a 3-point play. Alexander was aggressive all game and even showed a solid mid post game for a point guard and in the end he was just too much for the Double Platinum backcourt late in the game.

11TH Grade Division Championship
Final: D1SA Spartans 55 Team Silk 44

Team Silk hurt themselves early with lackluster defense and selfish play in transition that had them searching for answers going into the half. Mark Melbourne opened the game with 2 three point shots and that seemed to get the Spartans on a roll. Star lefty wing Jordan Miller, currently holding offers from George Washington and Millersville, completely outplayed his counterpart Marcus Hocker who clearly has next level talent, but will need to fine tune a few more things before collegiate ball. Hocker has the size, agility, and ball handling ability to be dynamic but today was not his day. Point guard Ben Carter put Team Silk on his back in the 2nd half as they mounted a furious comeback but in the end it was the tremendous play of MVP Zyan Collins who finished with a game and championship round high 20 points as he scored at will getting into the lane with ease and showcasing his solid perimeter shooting ability.

Player Watch:
Eric Turner (2nd Grade) – Ward 5 Warriors (7pts/MVP)Wisdom Carter (3nd Grade) – Dynamic Disciples (11pts/MVP)Blake Harper (5th Grade) – D-School Elite (12pts/MVP)Lawrence Brown (5th Grade) – Team Silk (8pts)Kam Carter (5th Grade) – Team Silk (10pts)Dorian Credle (6th Grade) – New World (16pts/MVP)John Brooks (6th Grade) – Eastwyck (17pts)Jayden Holland (7th Grade) – Maryland Rockets (16pts/MVP)Samson Ogunode (7th Grade) – Maryland Rockets (12pts)Diego Portee (7th Grade) – Dynamic Disciples (15pts)Marii Harold (8th Grade) – BTB (13pts/MVP)Meko Ross (8th Grade) – BTB (10pts)Jahlil Farooq (8th Grade) – Team NationalsUche Unegbu (8th Grade) – Team NationalsDamon Allen (8th Grade) – Team Nationals (12pts)Keith Robinson (9th Grade) – DMV Warriors (18pts/MVP)Zack Blackwell (9th Grade) – Team Silk (12pts)Emmanuel Ludd (9th Grade) – Team Silk (11pts)Trey Alexander (10th Grade) – Long Island (10pts/MVP)Zyan Collins (11th Grade) – D1SA (20pts/MVP)Jordan Miller (11th Grade) – D1SA (16pts)Ben Carter (11th Grade) – Team Silk (16pts)Mark Melbourne (11th Grade) – D1SA (8pts)William Langford – SEN Basketball Scou