Under the Radar Prospects

The Class of 2021 and 2022 has an abundance of talent across the area. Prospects at a bevy of positions that all have a chance to make a major impact next football season. The Class of 2021 and 2022 also have plenty of under the radar prospects worth highlighting. Players who will get a more […]

The Class of 2021 and 2022 has an abundance of talent across the area. Prospects at a bevy of positions that all have a chance to make a major impact next football season. The Class of 2021 and 2022 also have plenty of under the radar prospects worth highlighting. Players who will get a more extended opportunity this season to establish themselves as quality recruits. This article will look to describe 5 prospects from the Class of 2021 and 2022 who could have strong seasons. Players who may fly under the radar Nationally but deserve some shine.

The first player to discuss is St. Frances Quarterback John Griffith. The Class of 2022 QB stands at around 6’1” 205 lbs. and has the tools to have a breakout season. Griffith at the position showcases a great comfort throwing ball while on the move. Displaying his mobility as to role out of or escape the pocket and make throws while in motion. This mobility also makes him a threat to run as well, although he picks his spots when to utilize this skill. He shows the want to stand in the pocket and deliver the ball under duress at times. Griffith does need to decrease the number of times he throws off his back foot though and maintain his strong base. He has good arm strength which he shows when driving the ball into tight windows to his receivers. His deep ball of all his throws needs work, as these tend to be slightly underthrown in several cases. This also could be helped by him maintaining consistent footwork on these deep throws. Griffith does have a smooth throwing motion and the ball comes out in a tight spiral and has the arm to throw the ball with accuracy outside the numbers. His accuracy will continue to grow with further reps, though he does do a great job in many situations providing his receivers catchable balls. Griffith will also with more opportunities as the full-time starter this coming season will learn to read defenses quicker and be able to get the ball to his targets more on schedule. Griffith overall as a QB has great upside and all the tools to be a good pocket passer. The fact that he can get outside of the pocket as well and make throws on the move gives him an added dimension. With 5 current college offers from schools like Tennessee, LSU, and Kentucky Griffith is already generating interest from different programs. Meaning St. Frances has a young QB with potential yet to be unlocked but will be cultivated this coming season to help them win.

The second player to analyze is Wide Receiver/Defensive Back Jalen Clyatt of Sherwood High School. This 3-star recruit stands at around 6’3” 175 lbs. and has the physical gifts with developing technical skills to further prove he is a prospect. This Class of 2021 recruit displays great versatility by being able to play on both sides of the ball. His great ball skills allow him to succeed at both positions and be a constant playmaker. As he uses his length and range to attack the ball as both a receiver and defensive back. As a receiver he uses his size to shield defenders well on in breaking routes, giving him the only opportunity to catch the football. As a defensive back his reach and range allow him to cover a lot of ground in a short time making it hard to get behind him in coverage. Clyatt also shows off good physicality at both positions which is good because of his larger frame. As a receiver he blocks well on the perimeter giving his teammates more space to run. While as a defensive back he tackles very well and is not afraid to throw his body around in high traffic areas. Clyatt does need to work on his route running more to create more consistent separation as a receiver. As a DB he can always improve his coverage skills further to become a more ball-hawking DB. Clyatt because of the physical tools and raw skills he has showcased has received 3 offers from college programs. These being East Carolina, Rutgers, and Pittsburgh. IT will be interesting to see if he plays on both sides of the ball again this coming season or strictly sticks to receiver. IF he chooses receiver he could truly because of his size and improving technical skills could establish himself as one of the more underrated receiving prospects in the area. Only time will tell in the end for this talented athlete.

The next player to discuss is Jaishawn Barham who plays Outside Linebacker for St. Frances Academy. This 6’3” 215 lbs. Class of 2022 recruit displays several skills that help him stand out on the field. These skills include his good speed and quickness at the position. These skills allow him to shoot gaps quickly in run defense to stuff running plays. Barham also shows a good instinct to bat passes when dropping back in coverage or even during an initial pass rush. Barham also tackles very well and hits opposing ball carries with good force to provide a physical presence. The main things Barham can work on to grow his game more are to add more to his pass rush game and bulk up more physically. In terms of his pass rushing ability his speed gives him a great initial advantage. Barham though does need to add a pass rush move to heighten his chances of making more impact plays in the backfield. With more work in the weight room and offseason training Barham should bulk up more and add more muscle to his frame. This will allow him to dish out more punishment to opponents and ultimately be a stouter run defender also. Barham because of his talent has generated interest from 16 different colleges who have offered him scholarships. Including schools like Baylor, Florida, Iowa, and Arizona State to name a few. With more reps and further improvement to his overall game Barham has a chance to because a disruptive force at the linebacker position this coming season.

The next player to highlight is Defensive End Jude Bowry of St. Frances Academy. The Class of 2021 DE plays with aggression and physicality and makes good use of his 6’5” 225 lbs. frame. The parts of his game that shine the most include his great size and length at the position. This give Bowry a large tough frame that is difficult to move for opposing lineman. His long arms allow him to control the leverage in a one on one battle up front versus an opponent. Bowry also can use his reach to deliver the first blow in a pass rush situation, immediately getting lineman on their heels. Bowry shows the ability to effectively shoot gaps in run defense creating negative plays for the offense. While also making him able to disrupt and speed up the timing of a play. Bowry does not have a ton of interest from schools currently, but with another strong year will demand attention. The St. Frances Product is another piece to what looks to be a very talented defense this coming year for the program. If Bowry ups his activity level on plays more and develops another pass rush move, he will become a true force up front on the defensive line.

The final player to mention is Kaden Prather Wide Receiver from Northwest High School. The Class of 2021 Receiver has great size at approximately 6’3” 198 lbs. and has the chance to be a major force on the outside this coming campaign. He displays many strengths in his game such as a great ability to make contested catches. Utilizing his sizeable body and long arms to out fight defenders for the football. Prather also show abilities to make plays after the catch in a multitude of ways. He has good burst which allows him to turn up field and quickly build up speed in a short amount of time. He is also because of his and strength difficult to tackle and generates yards after contact. While also being deceptively elusive in the open field to avoid defenders. Prather even contributes on special teams as he had several big returns on punts and kickoffs for Northwest last season. Showcasing the want Northwest to get the ball in his hands as much as possible. Prather has currently 33 offers from a variety of schools including Alabama, Maryland, Missouri, and North Carolina. As he goes into next season, he will only see his production increase as he sees more targets as a may option in Northwest’s offense. With a breakout year Prather’s stock will only rise further and we will see him become a very wanted commodity among receiver prospects.