WCAC Prospect Watch: Class of 2021

It is always interesting to look at some of the younger football players that could make a name for themselves on the High School football level. Players who are not going into their final year with a program but elevating to a more significant role. The WCAC has several of these underclassmen that will make […]

It is always interesting to look at some of the younger football players that could make a name for themselves on the High School football level. Players who are not going into their final year with a program but elevating to a more significant role. The WCAC has several of these underclassmen that will make a big impact with increased roles this coming year. That is why this piece will look to highlight a few of the Class of 2021 recruits. Elaborating on their skillsets and prospects going forward in terms of impact for their respective teams.

The first player to mention is Wide Receiver Leron Husbands of Archbishop Carroll High School. This 3-star recruit is currently ranked 7th on Rivals.com Washington D.C. Class of 2021 Top 10 prospects list. At approximately 6’3” 200 lbs. Husbands has good size at the position and could turn into a breakout weapon on Carroll’s offense. As far as his skillset at receiver he is a big body target who is very good running intermediate routes. He is not a speed threat, but more of a possession and catch in traffic type of receiver. Husbands runs good routes and has good quick feet in and out of his breaks. Allowing him to create separation effectively on many of his routes. He also does a great job consistently catching the ball with his hands. Attacking the ball while in the air and not leaving the chance for it to pop out of his grasp. His abilities as a blocker are a part of his game that is very strong. Because of his size and strength, he can overpower most defensive backs and close the edge giving his running backs a lane to turn the corner up field. He is so big and impressive as a blocker Carroll even used him at tight end at times to maximize his blocking skills. Husbands in the end made WCAC 1st team last season which is a very nice accolade. Husbands this season likely will play a key role in Carroll’s offense affecting the game not just as a pass catcher. He can play a huge role in blocking in the run game, thus impacting the effectiveness of both ends of the spectrum offensively. Plus, with interest from several colleges such as Indiana, Maryland, and Boston College Husbands is already gaining notoriety.

The next player to mention in the Class of 2021 is Defensive Tackle Taizse Johnson of St. John’s High School. At around 6’2” 276 lbs. Johnson has the chance to be a sturdy inside presence on St. John’s defensive line this coming year. The 4-star recruit ranks 2nd on Rivals.com Washington D.C. Class of 2021 Top 10 prospects list. Johnson made All-Conference last year posting 64 tackles, 12 tackles for loss, 5 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, and 2 field goals blocked. At his position Johnson displays good quickness off the ball allowing him to deliver the first blow to opposing blockers. He has the elusiveness to shoot gaps and create negative plays in the backfield as well. He is very strong and effectively bull rushes most of his opponents to get penetration in run defense and as a pass rusher. He may need to learn a second move to become even more disruptive, but that will come with further reps. He is a good tackler and shows great pursuit when chasing down ball carriers even when it is deep down the field. His hand placement is also key in allowing him to shed blockers quickly to pursue the ball. He by the numbers showed to be a major playmaker in the trenches for St. John’s and he should be that with an increased role this year. Johnson also is garnering interest from many notable colleges including Alabama, Florida, LSU, and Georgia to name a few. Showing Johnson has already begun to make a name for himself. Which is why this season he has the chance to lead a terrific St. John’s defense and become one of the better defensive linemen in the country.

Aaron Turner is an All-Purpose Back for Gonzaga High School who should be fun to watch. Ranking currently 5th on Rivals.com Top 10 Washington D.C. prospects list this 3-star recruit shows much promise. As despite his small frame at around 5’8” 170 lbs. he makes up for with electric playmaking ability. The biggest strengths in his game include his quickness and breakaway speed. These physical tools allow him to be a big play threat no matter where he gets the ball on the field. He uses his speed to be a huge deep threat for Gonzaga several times last year running by coverage easily for chunk receptions or touchdowns. Turner is very elusive in space and never gets tackled by the first defender always getting yards after the catch or contact. He also shows the versatility to be utilized out of a bevy of positions on offense. Whether as a back out of the backfield, outside the numbers or inside the slot as a receiver Gonzaga uses him in a lot of different ways. This makes him a tremendous commodity as a gamebreaker who must be accounted for when on the field. He needs to slightly polish some of his route running, but that is about it. Turner now has one College offer from Rutgers to his credit. If he has the big season his talent should afford him this year more interests from many programs will follow. This is because this type of electric playmaker no matter the measurables is hard to find and Gonzaga certainly has a good one.

Bryce Butler is a Tight End for St. John’s High school who may demand more playing time as the season wears on this year. This 3-star recruit ranks 8th on Rivals.com Washington D.C. Class of 2021 Top 10 Prospects list with a chance to rise up the ranks. Butler most standout talent on the football field is his versatility. He played both tight end and defensive end last year, while also contributing on special teams in kick coverage. At tight end he was not a major pass catching target, but his physicality as a blocker was put to good use. As he was a key fixture in many of St. John’s run blocking schemes this past year. He does a very good job with his strength and hand placement to clear lanes for his backs to run through. He does consistently catch the ball and could be used in more passing scenarios this season. Adding another dimension to St. John’s offense to create problems. As a defensive end he tackles well with good pursuit angles when chasing down ball carriers. He gets penetration and uses his leverage to rarely be overpowered when matched up one on one. He has quickness off the ball which allows him to shoot gaps, along with the length to have range off the edge. As a special teamer Butler pursues the ball well, and never gets out of his lanes. Tackling very well delivering big hits that at times can cause fumbles. Overall Butler’s versatility will likely be further used this coming year. With him hopefully becoming more utilized as a receiver to show his talents in that aspect of his game. With 2 current offers from Kansas and Rutgers Butler is garnering interest with still more ability to display. Which speaks good to his future with St. John’s in terms of how much more impactful he can become.

Antwain Littleton is the lone 2-star recruit of the players mention, though he be the most intriguing prospect. This young man ranks currently 9th on Rivals.com Top 10 Class of 2012 prospects lists for Washington D. C. At approximately 6’0” 262 lbs. he presents an interesting body type at the running back position. A player whose skillset mixes in an interesting way with his measurables to make him a prospect worth following. As shown by his current 6 offers including schools like Maryland and South Carolina. As a running back he displays good quick feet and agility for his size. Having the ability to make quick cuts and movements as a runner and receiver. He is very physical and does not shy away from contact and always finishes his runs with force. He may develop into a strong goal line or short yardage weapon this season for St. John’s. Littleton is a tackling nightmare as he is very difficult to bring down with just one defender. He has deceptive speed as well, being able to rip off big runs not just on the interior but on the exterior also. He utilizes his size to be a good blocker using his natural strength to stall would be rushers. Overall Littleton is a running back who has many talents and abilities guys half his size wish they had. Which is why with more opportunities this coming year he can be a major breakout performer. A big bulky running back that can make big plays, but also wear down opposing defenses with consistent touches. Littleton for sure is an offensive talent that will make a significant jump this season.

Washington D.C. has many talented players in the 2021 class that will become household names among scouts and college recruiters soon enough. Players of varying body types and skillsets who all bring something different to the table. These are just a few of the many talented players in Washington D. C. that are worth following. Players that with further playing time and opportunity will show the talents their teams have been waiting to unleash.